Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Another wedding present i recently did.
lots of things within this cut out including;
a school (where they met), a stethoscope (the bride is a Doctor).
They are passionate about Scotland and love living in Glasgow.
Also is their wedding date, names and an English rose and a
welsh daffodil for there families. Hope you like.


perilloparodies said...

Oh, Emily... I love art that tells a story, that is full of symbolism and meaning, and this CERTAINLY is just that. So beautiful. I am SURE they love it.

Sarah said...

Hello Emily
I first saw your work in Alnmouth Schoolroom Gallery and it struck a chord, immediately.
I'm sure lots of people have already told you, your work is beautiful.
There is something of a connection with- an inner need? I'm talking soul food, um?
Anyway, glad I found your blog.